17 February - 13 March 2011


Hughes Gallery

Poesie was opened by guest speaker Jing Lee, Hon. MLC on 17 February 2011.

I chose the word “poesie” meaning a collection of poems, hence these images are intended as poetical bouquets for remembrance.

This solo exhibition featured thirty abstract mixed media works (see some of the paintings featured below)

These artworks were inspired from an imagining of a beautiful resting place for the vast number of breasts lost to cancer.  I used the motif of curved breasts being lovingly drawn together to appear as beautiful multi-petalled flower forms, with scallops, half-circles and crescents. I constructed these paintings by stripping back multiple layers of paint to create soft atmospheric effects. My intention was to exploit rainbow colours to parallel the huge emotional spectrum experienced by breast cancer patients: shock, rage, grief, fear, anger, desolation, depression,exhaustion, renewed passion for life, tears and laughter.

Midnight Waiting (c) 2011

Soleil (c) 2011

Slow Return (c) 2011

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