23 February – 16 March 2013

The Tangled Garden

Amelia Birvé and Michelle Wheadon

Hughes Gallery

In this joint exhibition, Amelia and I explored our curiosity with patterns and nature, experimenting with colour and movement to create the feeling of being in a tangled garden.

I had enjoyed creating a maze-like artwork for the QEH commission and wanted to explore the idea further. My images were all based on the construction of individual maze patterns, so that your eye could follow through each piece to solve the maze.

"Hot August Night" (pictured right) featured built up layers of paint, overlaid with glazes and scratched back with sanding.

Here are some of my paintings that featured in the exhibition.

Meander (c) 2013

Under The Sea (c) 2013

Secret Wander (c) 2013

The Queen's Garden (c) 2013

Pop Goes The Weasel (c) 2013

Visitors enjoyed the ambience created from woodland sounds, flowers, a couch and even some lawn on which to sprawl and view the artworks.

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