Other Exhibitions

I exhibited in a number of group exhibitions after leaving art school. It was a great way to learn all aspects of putting an exhibition together from initial concept to finished product. I have selected a small sample of paintings and drawings from such exhibitions (excluding Angelikon II, which formed part of a curated exhibition through an art gallery).
Some of these works are mixed media on paper, which was one of my favourite ways of working. I enjoyed using very heavy weight paper (above 300gsm) and seeing how far I could push its resilience. However, in more recent times I have worked solely on canvas or board when creating a large number of works (thus removing the expense of framing).

Angelikon II (c) 2003

Equilibrium Sensis (c) 2010

Pharaoh's Dream (c) 1998

Jewelled Flight (c) 2003

Magic (c) 2011

Never See (c) 1995

Linger (c) 2000

Silent Witness (c) 2003

Residual Rhythm (c) 1998

Farfalle Di Luce (c) 2010

Farfalle Di Notte (c) 2010

Winter Glow (c) 1998

Suspended Flight Cenere (Ash) (c) 2010

Suspended Flight Terra (Earth) (c) 2010

Sentient Dream (c) 1997

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