About Michelle Wheadon

My Work...

is best described as contemporary abstract mixed media paintings, although sometimes I do wander into more figurative territory. I allow each painting to take me in its own particular direction.

I find that painting demands a response to its sensual qualities: whether paint be applied thinly scraped or trowelled on in luscious quantities; overlays of lino-cut imagery or carving into layers of paint; or sanding paint to create weathered effects of decay.

My paintings are slowly developed with various layers and effects; sometimes a particular work may be several months in the making. Experimentation and innovation remain important aspects of my working methods. 

I enjoy creating atmospheric effects with a sense of emotive energy and allusive imagery.


Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. Art has been a life-long interest for me. I attended North Adelaide School of Art where I majored in painting and drawing. I have exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and several solo exhibitions, and also undertaken commissioned works. I am very passionate about making artworks that resonate with people's emotions. see Artist CV for more details.

Thank you...

for visiting my website. Sometimes making art can feel like a very solitary process. That's not necessarily a bad thing - it can be quite therapeutic and rewarding! Ultimately I paint for myself - I have to listen to my own internal critic, tempered with knowledge of the visual elements, and building upon the experiential process gained from every painting I create. However, my truest wish would be that I succeed in creating artworks inspired with a sense of beauty and emotional energy that resonates with viewers' minds and hearts. Cheers, Michelle xx

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